Demolition Service Offered

Demolition Services

Shed removal: old shed in your way, we brake it ready for a new project

Kitchen Demolition: outdated kitchen we can brake it ready for the new plan

Bathroom Demoltion: bathroom too small we can brake strip it down ready for your new bathroom

Hardwod floor demolition: old hardwood floor, we can rip them out ready for new ones

Ceramic floor demolition: cracked old style tile we brake the existing tile ready for new one

Underpinning demolition: basement height too low need to gain a few inches, we can dig and brake the cement to the liking

Patio and deck demolition: your deck has seen better days, we offer to brake it for you

Extensions: extension done wrong, we can bake it for you

Basement demolition: start from new, we can strip your whole basement

Roof removal: adding a new floor on your house and need to remove your old roof

Demolition of garages: need to brake and restart from new for your dream garage

Wall removal: walls in the right place, need to change the location, we can brake them

Plywood removal: rotten plywood, moldy full of cement, we can remove them ready for new plywood

Exterior stairs: rotten old exterior stairs we can cut them up ready for new ones

Fireplaces: no longer in use, taking up too much space we can take down the fire place

Exterior brick walls: bricks falling done, cracked we can ttake down the wall

Asbestos removal: old home want to redo walls ceiling, we can remove demo the affected areas to restart

Mold removal: had water damage, leaking water in your bathroom kitchen, we can brake and remove the moldy areas

Bathtub removal: old nasty bathtub, we can remove it for you

Hottub removal:  old spa hot tub leaking and unwanted we can brake it up for you

Pool removal: old leaking, unwanted pool, we can empty it take it apart, ready for your new back yard project.

Complete house stripping: want to start over, we can completely strip all walls, floor ceiling every room in the house, to start your new renovations.

Chimney removal: we remove the old bricks and interior of the chimney